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Enfin, une réelle
alternative à l'email.

Liki améliore votre communication grâce à des espaces collaboratifs et des widgets interactifs.

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Des espaces collaboratifs 
pas d'emails.

Des widgets pour moins de texte..

Créez une seule fois, réutilisé 

Personnalisezle contenu à votre image.

Trop de texte

Pas d'engagement

Mauvaise collaboration

Tâches répétitives

Pas de personnalisation

Mare de vos emails ? Nous aussi, nous avons donc créé Liki.

Des espaces qui vous ressemblent vraiment.

Des espaces

Des widgets pour des
centaines d'usages.

Group 3467071.png

Des widgets de vos
apps préférées.

Group 3467063.png

Souriez, vous avez
peut-être écrit
votre dernier e-mail.

  • Why use Liki?
    Conventional digital communication tools, like emails, chats and Slacks, frequently rely on text-based communication and reactive responses, inevitably leading to fragmented information scattered across different platforms and conversations. This approach makes it difficult to quickly locate, comprehend and share information, ultimately decreasing productivity for all involved. Conversely, Liki offers a fresh approach to collaboration that streamlines workflows and leads to an efficient exchange of information.
  • Can Liki replace my email?
    Absolutely! Liki is designed to streamline team communication and act as a central hub for project management and file sharing. But be aware that once you try Liki, you may rethink traditional email. While we don’t currently support an integrated email client, it is planned for a future update.
  • How to contact Liki?
    Interested in partnering, investing, or simply getting in touch with Liki? Please feel free to reach out to us here or find us on social media (links below). We look forward to connecting with you!
  • Who is behind Liki?
    Liki is powered by a team of seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in technology, product development and marketing. Driven by our shared passion for communication and project management, we're dedicated to reshaping how teams collaborate, making it visual and effortlessly customizable. We hope you will join us in shaping the future of communication.
  • What's Liki?
    Liki is a communication tool using visual, collaborative communication spaces and interactive widgets to boosts your team’s productivity and audience engagement. Spaces centralize your content, providing additional context to interactions, while our widgets make them more interactive. Quickly create spaces using historical widgets, pre-built templates or AI, and easily share them with others in public or private.
  • How much does Liki cost?
    Currently, Liki offers full access to all features at no cost as we continue to develop the product. Premium pricing plans will soon be available for those seeking enhanced capabilities and customization options. Additionally, our marketplace will feature expertly crafted widgets and templates designed for specific use cases. Don't miss out—sign up now to enjoy early adopter benefits, including exclusive discounts and privileges.
  • How to use Liki?
    Getting started is easy – just sign up and start building. Liki’s intuitive no-code drag-and-drop tools make building your space a snap, with no expertise needed. Customize your space to suit any topic, enhance it with dynamic widgets, visuals and information to deepen understanding. Effortlessly share your Space with friends and colleagues, no account necessary. Email responses will be funneled directly to your shared space, keeping everyone in sync and informed.
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